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What is “Self-Care” and Why Does It Matter  

Many of us benefit from practicing self-care even if we don’t realize we’re doing it. Actively practicing self-care can help us deal with stress in healthy ways. It’s important to take time for yourself when you can to just focus on yourself.   

There are many different forms of self-care from buying a nice little treat or going for a walk. Self-care is different for everyone—not all methods work the same for different people! Do you need to unwind and take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life? Continue reading to learn the importance of self-care and some methods you could try:   


What Is Self-Care  

Self-care aims to make you focus on yourself and your physical and emotional well-being. Self-care differs for everyone, and your self-care needs could change over time as well. Many people associate self-care with treating yourself. There are several different types of self-care including emotional, physical, and spiritual. You can treat yourself in a variety of different ways:   

Emotional self-care could entail talking to oneself in the mirror and motivating yourself. You could also relax in the bath while doing a face mask, or you could take a trip and get your nails or hair done. Consider treating yourself to the food you enjoy but don’t get to have often. Emotional self-care is taking care of yourself and separating yourself from the stress of life by pampering yourself or doing something you enjoy.   

Physical self-care means adopting a workout routine that you’ll stick to, getting enough sleep, picking healthy foods over processed ones, and making sure you visit the doctor regularly. Taking care of your body is an important step in self-care—working out may reduce stress and give you more energy.   

Spiritual self-care may involve attending a service, meditating, spending time outside, or keeping a gratitude journal. Anything that makes you feel “spiritual” or in tune with yourself!   


Ways to Practice Self-Care  

Self-care doesn’t have to cost anything unless you want it to! It’s ok to indulge in yourself if it’s within your means. As long as you take the time for yourself it makes you happy and less stressed! If that means getting your nails done twice a month or going to a football game with the guys, don’t fret about it!   

Even though we mentioned the three types of self-care, keep in mind that there are both short-term and long-term effects. Short-term self-care is temporary. Eating your favorite meal may be satisfying, but will you still feel satisfied a few days later? Long-term effects can result from practicing mindfulness and making an effort to change your outlook on life. Activities like exercise or meditation may work wonders in the long run!  

You can turn a lot of activities into “self-care” if you change the way you think about them! Making your bed every morning isn’t just a chore—it starts your day off on the right foot! It doesn’t have to feel like a daunting task. Small things like cleaning can give you control over your day and make it seem easier to tackle harder tasks you may come across.   


How to Start Practicing Self-Care  

Find out what brings you joy and makes you feel fulfilled! Don’t be scared to try new things like yoga or fitness classes. Start small and work your way up adding additional methods as you go. If you find you don’t like something that’s ok! Not all methods work for everyone, so don’t try to force yourself into a method that isn’t for you.   

Reflect on how you feel at the end of the week. Is the method you’re practicing working for you? Are you pleasantly satisfied? Journaling your thoughts and feelings may be helpful to determine what’s best for you. What has worked for you in the past may no longer be working for you and that happens!   

Taking care of yourself by practicing self-care is vital for your overall well-being. Going to the doctor at least once a year is an important step to staying healthy. Contact your local insurance agent to discuss a health insurance plan that works for you.   

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