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How to Incorporate Workplace Wellness 

The idea of wellness has been steadily growing since the 1960s, but in recent years it has really boomed. Wellness focuses on health in all areas of an individual. Workplace wellness focuses on encouraging healthy behavior so employees are healthier and happier at work. Every company is different and offers different methods of workplace wellness, but if you’re new to the idea of wellness here are some things to consider:  

Physical Wellness  

Encouraging workers to stay physically fit can boost their energy and overall happiness levels. Having an in-office gym or offering gym memberships can help employees with their physical endeavors. Healthy eating habits are another aspect of physical wellness, so giving them ample time to eat and offering water and snacks in the office will promote a healthier lifestyle. Getting a good amount of sleep is important to productivity, so it encourages employees to be well-rested.  

Offering a good health insurance plan will keep employees healthier in the long run. Promote regular physicals or have days in the office where you host free check-ups for employees. You can also hold events in the office where you offer company-wide flu vaccines during flu season. 

Mental & Emotional Wellness  

Mental health and emotional wellness are the most important aspects of wellness. Mental health disorders have been on the rise since the pandemic and are more prevalent than ever. You don’t want your employees to be stressed and feel overworked—the work-life balance is key. Make sure your business offers holidays off and enough sick leave and vacation days for employees.  

Offering free telehealth programs to your employees can help them with their mental health. They can use telehealth visits for therapy and won’t have to worry about the cost while getting the help they need. You can also offer courses on mindfulness, a method of stress reduction by improving the human ability to be present and have situational awareness. Mindfulness allows us to deal with our situations without becoming overwhelmed. Consider allowing time in the day for meditation or personal time to de-stress during the workday.  

Social Wellness  

Having a socially healthy company culture is an integral part of workplace wellness. That means zero tolerance for sexual harassment, bullying, or discrimination of any kind. Consider having training courses on these subjects so employees are cognizant of what constitutes poor workplace behavior. Promote social morale and cohesion in the workplace.  

Not everyone needs to be friends, but there should be a certain level of respect amongst coworkers. Make sure employees are familiar with who they are working with, even if they are in other departments!  

Personal Growth  

When employees know that there’s room to grow in a company, they are more likely to stay than pursue other jobs. Consider offering free classes for employees so that they can learn more skills and better themselves. This gives a sense of accomplishment and gives employees confidence when they finish a course.  

You can also incentivize it and make it a part of quarterly goals to complete a certain number of courses. The confidence from learning new skills may encourage them to try those new skills at work, and they may volunteer for work that they may not have before.  

Financial Security  

Financial security is at the top of everyone’s mind when they’re working—they’re not working for fun. A healthy balance between income and expenses means financial wellness for employees. Workers need to feel financially secure. When employees are stressed about their finances, their quality of work lessens and they become more stressed. It’s a never-ending cycle. Employees that are financially stable tend to be more productive and sociable with their coworkers.  

A few solutions to lessen financial stress are offering a 401(k) plan and reasonable health insurance premiums. Having good healthcare is a concern for many, so knowing that you have a reasonably priced health insurance plan can ease a lot of stress. Raising salaries to coincide with the rising cost of living and offering bonuses can also incentivize workers to be productive and stay for the long run.  

Keep your workers happy and healthy by keeping workplace wellness in mind. Consider reaching out to your local insurance agent to discuss the best health insurance plan for your employees’ needs. 

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