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Beyond the Commute: How to Ensure Your Business Vehicles are Covered

Insurance companies typically view individuals who drive a vehicle as part of their daily job as high-risk drivers. This is because they are simply on the road more frequently than the average commuter. If you own a business that requires employees to travel outside of their daily commute to the office or offer company-titled vehicles, you may need additional insurance coverage. Read on to learn why these policies are important for your business to obtain before an accident occurs. 

Companies may not be covered for accidents if they occur during a work-related outing and the driver is in his or her personal vehicle. Instead, business owners may need to obtain a hired and non-owned policy to cover these vehicles used for work. 

This policy is more commonly needed by small businesses that rely on their employees to use personal vehicles for work errands. While this can seem minor, especially when the employee consents to do so, it does create liability issues that can be avoided.

Consider this possible situation. An employee is injured in an accident while driving their car to meet a customer at their office. Personal auto insurance does not cover work-related driving, so the other party in the accident could sue the business owner for the cost of medical expenses. 

If a business often rents trucks or vans for an event or conference, the hired and non-owned policy would still cover its liability in the event that the owner or an employee has an accident while driving the rented vehicle. 

For businesses that offer company-titled cars to employees, a commercial auto insurance policy is the best way to protect liability. Most states require businesses that own vehicles to obtain this insurance if employees use these cars to travel to and from work sites or offices while conducting company business. 

Businesses that transport equipment, products, or employees in company-owned vehicles should also consider obtaining commercial auto insurance, even if it is not required by the state. 

Because insurance coverage does not work retroactively, it is important to obtain the appropriate policy before an accident occurs. In rare cases, the medical expenses and repair costs from a car accident can even bankrupt a company. Speak with your local insurance agent today to evaluate your need for additional auto insurance today.

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